Treat yourself with a pumpkin pie cocktail

Food is the essential part in man’s life because it provides the needed energy to perform all our daily activities. There are different kinds of food available in the world and each country follows different cuisines it tastes and cooking style will be entirely different from our country. Best quality food is the food we prepare in our home kitchen by using quality natural ingredients. Apart from the food we may drink many beverages, juices, cocktails and mock tails etc. The drinks are used as a supplementary food between meals they have a capacity to stop our appetite. The beverage and cocktails differ in each country and the taste will also be different so to enjoy the different taste of cocktails many visit bars and pubs to experiment with taste. But the cocktails are easily made in home without purchasing the extra ingredients from super market. We all have tasted pumpkin pie and we all love the taste of it, it is a simple made dish with minimal ingredients but today the bar is serving the best quality pumpkin pie cocktail which has extra ordinary taste in it and it also provides the best refreshment for us. pumpkin are best quality vegetable which come under a fruit variety it has high amount of vitamins and minerals in it and provides great health to our body. The pumpkins can be grown easily in our home and it does not even consume more water, the high fibre in pumpkin is known to reduce the fat in our body. The seeds of it can be dried in the sun and can have it snack and it is known to reduce the blood cholesterol level and also decrease blood pressure. Thus by using the perfect pumpkin puree we can make the best quality pumpkin cocktail in home.

How to make an easy pumpkin pie cocktail in a shake?

The cocktails are famous in bars and hotels but now we can enjoy the same taste in home by preparing the simple pumpkin pie cocktail. The required ingredients to prepare pumpkin pie cocktail are whiskey, pumpkin syrup, half lemon juice, ginger beer, candid ginger. Take a shaker filled with ice and pour one and half ounce of whiskey, one ounce of pumpkin syrup , a half a lemon juice and shake it well until the contents gets mixed equally and at last when it gets mixed pour it in a glass filled with ice. And after pouring the content add little ginger beer on the top and garnish it with candied ginger and sage leaf. Serve it immediately once it is made because when the ice gets melted then the flavour may get reduced.

Now we can enjoy the same perfect cocktail in home without spending more money in expensive bar and hotels. There lot of secret cocktail recipes available in the internet people who are interested in surprising the family members can make use of it and try different drinks at home.