The Best Margarita Recipes with tequila

The easy and fast tequila based margarita recipe is available in many ways with good usage of this tequila plant. The tequila has the historic region from the Mexico regions and it has different originations and it was used Mexico regions from 1795 onwards. This has two parts of 100% spirit made agave with the mixto.The types of tequila is of blanco, reposado, joven and anejo.Both joven and reposado is perfect to do the margarita recipe. The other type anejo and extra anejo are not suitable as they refine too much with citrus favour and it can stand as an individual product mixture. If want to infuse the sweet taste from margarita then you can go by adding the liquor of orange flavour or agave syrup that gives what you want.

The margarita with tequila can make wonders in your spirit drinks menu and it is very easy, so you can do at home. The salt can add taste value when sprinkle it over the spirit palette. The first recipe to make use of your tequila is doing the all time favourite Classic margarita recipe. It just needs a small amount of lime wedge, lime juice, kosher salt, and agave syrup with tequila extracts. Then start making margarita cocktail with adding kosher salt and lime wedge as a moisturiser in the rock glass part and then add lime juice, tequila with cocktail crush of mixing with ice cubes. The next is perfect margarita cocktail recipe that needs small ounces of lime juice, lime wedge,salt,ice cubes, tequila and cointreau.

Then moisten the glass with salt and add lime juice, contreau, tequila to get the cocktail mix and serve it. You can add value to this cocktail by adding orange liquor to this mix as it is common in this recipe that serves as a taste enhancer in this cocktail. The tequila goes under the following process and then it is available in market. The process starts with two time distillation and then filtering the essence. Then they are in bottle around one to seven years. The best quality tequila always has 51 % of agave in its measure. They are very important in giving a perfect taste to margarita recipes.

The type of tequila Blanco means white in Spanish language and it gives perfect aroma and herbal mix in the cocktail spirits. The next reposado means rested and it gives citrusy flavour. The next type anejo means aged in Spanish and it has very long process to produce it and the anejo ahs strong flavour and quality in nature of its look. The fresh lime juice is a main thing in any kind of tequila made margarita recipe. In all the dishes you will have the kosher salt and cotton towel to moisten and rub them well in the outer layer of rock glass. The tequila comes in bottle-shaped containers and tin, it has long life so you can use them any time you want to do margarita or other cocktail recipe dishes.