Making of Pan-Steamed Alaska Sockeye

Alaska sockeye is a fish which is a salmon species which is small it weighs only 6 pounds. The flesh of this fish is red in color which will make us to understand that the species is enriched. The red color will persist even after cooking the fish meat. The sockeye salmon is also known as the red salmon in which it has many nutrients within it. This fish is an uncontaminated fish which is even available today. The meat of the fish is the most delicious and it has more nutrients in it. In America, a survey has been made like they tested their senior citizens; most of them are lack in omega-3 acid which is used to reduce the cardiovascular disease in the adults. The omega-3 fatty acids are usually found in fishes, which are considered to be the best meat to be consumed. This fish meat will not make any adverse effects for the people since the fat content which is the reason for most of the diseases is less in the fish meat when compared with any other meat that we are taking as intake. Especially eating the fish meat will reduce the cardio vascular diseases.

The doctors are recommending to eat fishes the reason for their advice is that most of the cells and membrane are made up of the fats and the omega-3 acids in which proper intake of the fatty fish will twice in a week will helps to optimize the omega acids which is used to reduce the cardio vascular attacks. Salmon fish is recommended by the doctors like one serving of the salmon fish per week will be good for health and it will also optimize the omega3 fatty acid content in the body. Especially farm raised salmon fish is good for health as it has vital nutrients in it. The farmed salmons are grown in net pens in the open ocean. The foods that are made up of the salmon fish are good for the health and it is also cooked in different types based on the person.

Here is a recipe known as Pan-Steamed Alaska Sockeye the made up of salmon which is a steamed and it will be suitable for all types of people especially people who are in diet can eat this food. First take a thick piece of salmon and wash the meat with the water then pour some water in the pan and boil it. Now, place the salmon fish by making its skin to be placed downwards now close the pan with the lid. Cook it for 4 minutes after cooking take the meat outside, now it’s time to prepare the sauce for that we need white wine, butter, freshly chopped garlic and some chopped herbs. Pour the wine in the pan and boil it, add 2 teaspoons of butter, 2 teaspoons of chopped garlic and the chopped herbs boil it for 2 minutes. Now place the steamed fish meat in the plate and pour the sauce above the fish meat. Make some decorations with the herbs. This dish will be delicious and healthy too.