Hot chocolate in New York that would make you yearn for more

New York City in USA is noted for its harsh winter climate that can make people to go in search of hot chocolate to actually keep them warm even during the frozen environment. There are many hot chocolate outlets in the city but only a few (3 to be exact) are actually known by people for their taste and other specialities they have in them.


Hot chocolate as doctors say, can help people to get healthy and also get clearer skin apart from helping them in the psychological areas by decreasing the memory loss in a person while also keeping the brain healthier than before. They also help people to keep their bodies warm even during such harsh chillness thereby having numerous benefits in them for a person to consume these happily.

Best locations

As mentioned earlier, there are only 3 locations in the whole of New York City where people can get to taste some of the best hot chocolate in the whole region. The first one on the list is The City Bakery which is not only known for their hot chocolates but also known for their massive sized cookies and other such products they get to serve for their customers. They make the hot chocolate in a whipped format making it even creamier and tastier than a normal one. Along with the hot chocolate, their customers can get to enjoy some delicious homemade marshmallows which are soft and chewy at the same time. It is due to their hot chocolate experts that they conduct numerous hot chocolate events and also competitions all round the year during any special occasion. The second pit stop for hot chocolate is at Jacques Torres Chocolate run by Jacques Torres himself who has numerous centres in the city itself. He uses the cream to prepare the hot chocolate by which they get their thicker stature while also making them delicious at the same time. The taste can be mainly credited due to numerous years of experience by him in the chocolate industry and having tried his hands on different recipes from the chocolate before finally settling down in this domain of satisfying his customers with his creamy and foamy hot chocolate.

The final stop for finding the best hot chocolate in New York gets ended with Eataly caffe as they provide some lip smacking and simple hot chocolate they brew right in front of their customers. They also have a special touch of taste as they make use of the Italian flavour in their products such as milk and even the chocolates. This makes people to actually travel to the fresh pastures of Italy while sipping down the hot chocolate from this store. They provide this product in very small cups thereby making people yearn for more than a single serving. While it is customary to provide the customers in such small cups, customers feel that they have a bigger heart while serving making them feel completely filled with a single cup itself.