Drew Barrymore’s signature delicious lunch wraps

Lunch times can be quite boring for people unless they find some healthy and various options to gorge down to keep them stay fresh during the post lunch session. Drew Barrymore who is actually an ambassador against hunger for the UN World Food Programme (WFP) ensures that people get to eat one of the most scrumptious and healthiest foods, the collard green wraps which she calls as her signature dish that can also keep a person fresh and active post their lunch session.


The ingredients used for preparing this healthy collard green wrap include collards of course, walnuts which are to be pulsed or grounded evenly in a food processor and add a few spices together. The spices can include sauce such as the sweet tomato sauce, cumin and olives all of which form the basic ingredients for the wrap. Each ingredient can have their own nutritional benefits, thereby giving the people numerous advantages including the much needed proteins and other vitamin content in them. These products can also be helpful for keeping the skin and heart of the person who consumes them to stay younger and healthier, thereby keeping them radiant and also healthy. Other ingredients used for preparing this dish would include coriander, chillies and even pepper helping people to get the much needed taste from the food. The more the number of spices added for preparing the product, the tastier and healthier it would be for people while they consume them. Once all these products are taken, all that a person would have to do next is mix them all together in a consistent manner, thereby making it as a nice stuffing which are neither too hard nor too brittle but is just of the right consistency. After preparing this simple mixture which any person including a kid can do, they can then spread them over the green and fresh collard leaves. Apart from this, they can also prepare some salsa or have some handy and spread them over the already spread walnut mixture. Once all these are spread evenly on the leaves, they can then roll them thoroughly while ensuring that none of the filling spills out. After this, all that they would have to do is consume the wrap directly.


There are various benefits this wrap can provide for its consumers. It can be had by any person as none of the products used to prepare this dish is actually allergic. On the other hand, they are just simple products providing the consumer with good taste and good health apart from a whole new dish for them to savour. This recipe can be tried by any person and at any place as long as they have access to all the ingredients mentioned above. Also, this food can be provided to people of any age group right from young children to even the elder people without any worries. People who are health conscious can also consume this food as they do not have any negative impact on them but just provide them with all nutrition.