Cook your stress free pie at home easily

We all love pie and we cook it in home whenever we have leisure time but the pie we cook will not taste the same as we purchase from outside this because we may forget to follow the secret techniques in making the perfect pie. There are different kinds of pie available in the restaurants they are pumpkin, apple, strawberry etc. But all those pie differs only in the flavour rest all will remain the same. The best quality pie can be made using perfect cheese and flour, we may use poor quality cheese in the pie but that will not give the expected taste we want. To get the perfect taste we need to use perfect quality cheese that comes from cows or goat milk. The cedar cheese is one of the best chesses to be added on the pie because it is known to give perfect taste and flavour for our pie. The mozzarella cheese which made from goat’s milk gives awesome taste and kick of tanginess to the pie. Though the cheese is perfect we may make mistake in choosing quality of fruits because only the best crunchy fruits can give perfect crumbliness to the pie and it will also enhance the taste of it. perfect fruits cannot be purchased in super markets we can get those fruits in our garden or we can purchase with a fruit seller but before choosing it check for the taste and quality. The flour we use for pie should be perfectly grind and it should be a plain flour or whole wheat and not the mixture and the flour should not be adulated because it may reduce the taste of the pie. Thus if cheese flour and fruits are perfect in nature then we can cook a bakery style pie in home.

How to cook good pie in home?

The magnolia bakery is known for its tasty apple pie because it uses only the first quality ingredients in its pie and they cook their pie in a lower temperature for long hours so that made their pie crumble and tasty we can also make same kind of pie in home with simple ingredients. To make perfect apple pie we need a four apples which are finely chopped, plain or whole wheat flour, cinnamon powder, brown sugar, salt, cheese. Mix the flour and cheese in a single bowl and knead the flour finely and then pour little chilled water into it and then take normal size balls in the dough. And place the balls for about an hour outside later roll it centre out and make it as big plain sheet and follow the same on the another ball.

Later place the rolled flour sheet on the pie holder and fill it with the mixture of apple, cinnamon and brown sugar and cover it with another rolled flour sheet and remove the remaining the sheet on the sides. Later shower the brown sugar on the top and cook it for about four hours. Once the pie is completely cooked serve it your lovable family members.