Brownie ice cream cups the best mid time snack

We all love food and we may try different recipes when we visit restaurants or fast food joints but when try those dish at home we cannot get the same taste or flavour that we got in the restaurant. People think that the food made outside tastes better than we prepare in home but the truth is even in home we can prepare different delicacies that we have tasted in restaurants. Our favourite all time snacks are obviously cakes because the soft and tender nature of cake will tempt us to eat more pieces. There are different varieties of cakes available in the world they are strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, mange etc. But when comparing all the flavours we all love chocolate because the coco in cakes will create different taste in our mouth and it wakes our senses and makes our snack time a heaven. Mouth melting chocolate cakes are called brownies they are made exactly like cakes but they need extra butter to make it mouth melting. There many brownies available they are walnut, chocolate etc. But whatever the flavour is the brownie taste better when it is mixed with ice cream. The quality hot brownie piece when filled with favourite ice cream scoop will definitely tempt us to eat; the brownie goes well with the vanilla ice cream flavour because in vanilla the milk flavour dominates in it so it will mix well with perfect chocolate brownie. The brownie with ice cream can be made in home with minimal ingredients and it takes hardly an hour to make the brownie ready. So now onwards we can make our favourite snack in home and surprise our loved ones with different delicacies. Perfectly made dish will taste good and also have health benefits too so make your healthy mid time eatable at home from now on.

How to make Easy brownie ice cream cups in home?

Make your perfect brownie cup cakes with simple easy ingredients they are brownie mix, two eggs, and a small bowl of oil. First empty the brownie mix into a huge container and pour a cup of oil into it and then add two whole eggs into the content. Later when three elements are present mix the content thoroughly for about ten minutes and then take a cup cake cooking plate and spray the oil in it and pour the mixture in each cup, do not fill the entire cup because we need to place another plate over it . When the mixture is filled in each cups place another cup cake plate on the top of it and place it in the oven and cook for about thirty to thirty five minutes.

Once the cake is completely cooked remove it from the oven and take the upper plate and remove the cup cake brownies from the vessel and in the hollow shape in between each brownie can be filled with best vanilla ice cream and can be garnished with caramel sauce and cherry.